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Car Parking AI-Integrated App

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With over four decades of expertise, our esteemed client has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge reservation and park management solutions tailored for government-operated parks, marinas, and harbors. Their unwavering commitment has significantly influenced the trajectory of reservation and management solutions within the industry.



The client has identified a pressing need for a robust web application that seamlessly facilitates data synchronization from the server, enabling Offline Mode functionality.

This revolutionary feature empowers staff to operate efficiently even in areas devoid of WiFi or 4G signals. Furthermore, the application demands an advanced license plate scanning capability, allowing users to effortlessly input vehicle information by scanning license plates instead of the traditional manual entry method.

The primary objective behind developing this advanced web application is to elevate the efficiency and user experience of data management, particularly in scenarios where internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable.

The client is actively seeking a software outsourcing company capable of delivering this complex project within a tight 4-month timeframe.

The technology stack includes ReactJS, PWA (Progressive Web App), and leveraging OpenCV and tesseract.js for license plate scanning utilizing the mobile device camera.


Leveraging the power of ReactJS for dynamic and responsive UI.

Build a robust .NET framework guaranteeing scalability and efficiency in data management.

Designed for optimal performance and streamlined user interactions, the architecture embraces the single-page application paradigm.

Utilizing OpenCV and Tesseract.js, our solution employs AI-driven license plate scanning through the mobile device camera.



We successfully delivered the project 2 weeks earlier than the deadline as we estimated the buffer time before it was officially launched.

App Features: The application has requested features including a comprehensive Today’s Activity module, an insightful Activity Log, and an innovative Scan License Plate functionality.

Offline Mode Capability: A cutting-edge feature enabling data synchronization to the local environment, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in the absence of a reliable internet connection.

License Plate Scanning: Leveraging OpenCV and Tesseract.js, the application will empower users to effortlessly input vehicle information by scanning license plates, enhancing both speed and accuracy.

Network Connection Detection: The application will intelligently detect network connection status, providing users with real-time insights into their connectivity.

Performance Expectations: Aiming for a successful scan rate of 70%, the application will strive to deliver results with a maximum response time of 5 seconds under daytime conditions, ensuring optimal user satisfaction.

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