Senior Data Engineer


  • Developing and implementing data models for efficient storage and retrieval of structured and unstructured data;
  • Designing and implementing scalable and efficient data architectures to support the organization’s data needs;
  • Ensuring data quality and integrity throughout the ETL processes;
  • Optimizing data processes for improved efficiency and reliability;
  • Responding to incidents and troubleshooting data-related issues;
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams.

Your Experience & Skills

  • Proficient in SQL for querying, updating, and managing databases;
  • Experience with both relational databases (Eg: PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL databases (Eg: MongoDB, Cassandra);
  • Strong understanding of data modeling concepts for designing efficient and scalable databases;
  • Hands-on experience with ETL tools and frameworks for data integration and transformation (Eg: Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue);
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language such as Python, Scala, or Ruby for scripting and automation;
  • Familiarity with Big data frameworks like Databricks Delta Lake or Apache Spark for processing and analyzing large datasets;
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and their data services;
  • Knowledge of real-time data processing tools and frameworks (Eg: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink) for streaming data;
  • Experience with data visualization tools (Eg: Tableau, Power BI);
  • Expertise in designing, implementing, and optimizing data warehousing solutions (Eg: Amazon Redshift, Snowflake).

Why you’ll love working here?

  • Quarterly salary review for adjustment; yearly performance review for promotion;
  • Opportunities for promotions and career development in a dynamic environment;
  • Premium Health Insurance package (Inpatient VND 63m/year, Outpatient VND 8m/year and Dental Treatment VND 2m/year);
  • Many exciting internal activities and meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR);
  • Yearly company trip;
  • Working 5 days/week, from Mon-Fri, and 12-15 day annual leaves; 13rd salary, 5 sick leave days;
  • “Share to learn and learn to share” philosophy, friendly working environment with many energetic buddies.