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Transforming Education with an Innovative Platform

About Client

Our esteemed client, based in Singapore, is a revolutionary company dedicated to transforming the education industry. They aim to create a community-driven learning ecosystem that empowers individuals, businesses, and institutions to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Our client approached us to develop an education digital platform that would simplify searching for courses, scheduling and booking them for multiple children and enabling a seamless payment experience.

Additionally, the system needed to connect students with tutors from various education providers within a co-learning space. They want us to execute a full-cycle development plan and meet the deadline in 6 months.

Our Approach

We conducted in-depth discussions and analyses with clients to understand their vision and specific requirements.

Based on the requirements, we created detailed design documents, wireframes, and UI/UX mockups to ensure a clear understanding of the product’s structure and flow.

Our experienced developers translated the design into clean, maintainable, scalable code, adhering to industry best practices.

Rigorous testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, was conducted to ensure the stability, functionality, and usability of the platform.

We utilized AWS services to host the application, ensuring scalability, security, and high availability.

Technologies Used

To meet the client’s requirements, we carefully evaluated and selected a range of technologies best suited for the project. We chose the following technologies for their specific advantages:

VueJS: This progressive JavaScript framework allowed us to create a responsive and interactive user interface for seamless user experiences.

NodeJS: Leveraging the power of JavaScript on the server side, NodeJS enabled us to build a scalable and efficient backend infrastructure.

React Native: We opted for React Native to develop cross-platform mobile applications, ensuring wider accessibility and a consistent user experience across iOS and Android devices.

Retool: With Retool, we expedited the development process by utilizing pre-built UI components and a drag-and-drop interface, enhancing productivity and reducing development time.

AWS Lambda: We leveraged AWS Lambda for serverless computing, enabling automatic scaling and cost optimization for the client’s platform.

Product Features

orange star The product features include comprehensive admin user capabilities for course and class management, registration and enrollment, user and calendar management, and student care plans.

orange star It provides parents with easy course search, booking, and payment options, as well as a calendar view, messaging, and cancellation capabilities.

orange star Students can utilize check-in features, while teachers have homework, check-in, calendar, and messaging functionalities.

orange star Education providers gain access to a dashboard, company information, class calendar, and teacher listings.

Project's Results

We successfully built a scalable digital education platform that meets the client’s requirements with these critical metrics.

orange star The platform can handle 10,000+ simultaneous users
orange star 80% reduction in server response time
orange star 0% system downtime
orange star 100% data redundancy and disaster recovery
orange star 50% decrease in infrastructure costs through cloud optimization

Client's Testimonial

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