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Migrate Legacy System to AWS Cloud

About Client

Our client is a big fintech company, specializing in developing solutions appropriately. They operate financial system tools through research and development of advanced mathematical models, data science technologies, and logic development of system trading.

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Control foreign exchange risk, which is one of the major challenges of global business.

Plan and execute a aws cloud migration strategy

Super competitive industry and in the need of scaling up business.

Lacking a real-time function system to grasp the right moment of favorable exchange rate.

Low availability, performance, scalability, operability, security and maintenance.

Unstable system with long time of restore in case of failure.

Results / Impacts

orange star Set up multiple AWS availability zones to ensure the system always available in multi region

orange star Use AWS S3 static hosting to set up the web page with VueJS

orange star Set up Aurora replica to make sure the database performance will be balanced between read and write actions

orange star Use Amazon MQ to replace the RabbitMQ on-premises

orange star Add Redis nodes to support caching

orange star Set up NAT gateway to request to the 3rd parties

orange star Add Bastion to manage AWS resources

orange star Convert background job to Lambdas

orange star Add firewall WAF to filter the income requests

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