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Digital Transformation Journey

About Client

The client is the US’s leading global insurance brokerage and risk management firm. They offer a range of insurance products and services, including property and casualty insurance, employee benefits consulting, and risk management consulting. They are one of the world’s largest privately held insurance brokers, with over 7,500 associates in over 100 offices across the globe. They seek a digital transformation solution to accelerate their business.


The company’s data is enormous but it is scattered as they use many different applications for business. It’s very overwhelming for the management board to access and analyze the current data. Therefore, it negatively impacts the business decision making of the company.


Client wanted us to compose a comprehensive digital transformation journey.

The main objective of the project was to create a data management system that would integrate all of the company’s software applications into one platform.

This would make it easier for employees to access and analyze data, as well as enable the company to make more informed business decisions.

Additionally, our team had to migrate all of their data to cloud services to reduce the risk of data loss and improve data accessibility.

The Digital Transformation Journey

What we brought to the client is to develop a straightforward digital strategy to solve the problem. The digital strategy included these 4 steps:

1.Technology and infrastructure assessment: 

We started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the existing systems, data and applications used by the client. This involved examining: 

Data quality: data architecture, data storage, data flow, data security, data volume, data access.

Applications: all the existing applications 

System quality:  reliability, availability, integrity, performance, usability, security

– Result: The team identified several challenges, including data redundancy, data inconsistency, and data silos across the different applications. 

Solution: Develop a customized data integration strategy that would bring all of this information together into a centralized database. Some of the applications will be rebuilt and architected. 

2. Cloud Migration plan

The goal of the solution was to migrate data from the existing on-premise storage to a cloud-based storage service. We worked closely with the client’s IT team to ensure that all data was migrated smoothly and without interruption to the client’s daily operations. 

We composed this plan in 4 steps

Step 1: Choose a cloud service provider for data storage 

Step 2: Prepare data for migration

Step 3: Transferring data in batches to minimize downtime and ensure data integrity. 

Step 4: Validate the data that was transferred accurately. 

Step 5: Build a solid cloud infrastructure that would allow the client to access their data from anywhere, at any time.

During the process, we worked closely with the client’s IT team to ensure that all data was migrated smoothly and without interruption to the client’s daily operations. 

3. Digital Process Automation

After migrating all the data to the cloud, we began the integration process

  • The team developed an integration approach that involved creating APIs for each application to allow for seamless data flow between the applications and the centralized system.
  • The APIs were developed using RESTful architecture to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

4. Data Management and Analysis

Data modeling was also a critical aspect of the project. We developed a data modeling approach that involved creating a data dictionary, data mapping, and data lineage. The data dictionary defined the data elements and their attributes, while data mapping involved mapping the data elements across the different applications. Data lineage, on the other hand, provided a lineage of the data flow across the different applications.

The team also developed a business intelligence and analytics approach, which involved creating dashboards and reports to enable efficient business management and analysis. The dashboards and reports were designed to provide real-time insights into business operations and support data-driven decision making.

The Outcome of Digital Project

We successfully delivered our digital journey to clients with some highlights as below:

Technical Highlights

Business Highlights

Data decision making: Customized data models allowed the client to gain new insights into their business operations.

Increased efficiency and productivity: Digital transformation can streamline business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and enable employees to work more efficiently. 

Competitive advantage: help organizations to stay ahead of their competitors by adopting technologies.

Client's Testimonial

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