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IOT System Leveraged By AWS Cloud

About Client

The client is the leading and innovative company based in the Netherlands that specializes in the non-toxic fumigation industry, providing pest control solutions in over 25+ countries worldwide. The client offers a range of products and services to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.


The client relies on manual processes, leading to delays in response times and difficulty tracking pest treatment activity. They face several challenges, such as:

Lack of centralized data management: The absence of a unified system resulted in fragmented data, making it difficult to track and analyze treatment processes and outcomes.

Manual and time-consuming processes: The reliance on manual paperwork and spreadsheets led to inefficiencies, delayed communication, and increased administrative burden.

Limited real-time monitoring and control: The absence of real-time monitoring capabilities hindered the provider’s ability to respond promptly to emerging pest control issues.

To address these challenges, the client requested that we develop a cloud-based system to improve their pest treatment management system.

Our Approach

We analyze and develop a strategic plan to build a new pest control application with efficient tools. First, we form a team with five members with a DevOps background to deliver cloud migration implementation. Based on the client’s requirement, we designed an innovative solution that harnessed the power of AWS cloud services, IoT technology, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to address the pest control provider’s challenges. The solution architecture consisted of the following components:

Cloud Infrastructure: Utilizing AWS cloud services, the solution leveraged scalable computing resources, storage, and databases to support the pest control provider’s data requirements.

IoT Integration: Connected IoT devices, including smart traps and sensors, were integrated with the cloud infrastructure to capture real-time data on pest treatment activity and environmental conditions.

PLC Integration: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) were incorporated to automate and control various aspects of the pest treatment process, such as activating traps and monitoring environmental parameters.

Web and Mobile Applications: User-friendly web and mobile applications were developed to facilitate data entry, task management, scheduling, and reporting for field technicians and administrators.

We followed up with the client and worked on the following technology to develop the project.

  • Vue.JS
  • NodeJS
  • Flutter
  • MySQL for Database

Project's Results

After careful testing, we implemented a new cloud-based system in the given time, which upgraded from the old systems and provided an End-to-End solution for management with some prominent features such as:

Real-time Monitoring and Control: Integrated IoT devices and PLCs enabled real-time monitoring of pest treatment activity, environmental conditions, and automated control of traps and treatment equipment.

Task Management and Scheduling: Field technicians could access their assigned tasks, update progress, and receive real-time task assignments through the mobile application, improving coordination and efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: The system generated detailed reports and analytics, providing insights into treatment outcomes, pest trends, and operational performance to support data-driven decision-making.

Remote Access and Control: The cloud-based system allowed remote access and control of pest treatment processes, facilitating quick response and troubleshooting from any location.

The client was satisfied with our work, and they decided to go further with us. The team has expanded to 20 members and has been taking charge of system monitoring and maintenance with daily tasks, including bug fixing, security protection, and new features integration if required.

Client's Testimonial

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