By TPS People

Announcing the launch of TPS Soft AI Website

TPS Software is so excited to announce the launch of our new website for our Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Lab.

TPS AI is the innovative department of TPS Software Corp., one of the top software development companies in Vietnam. TPS AI was established in 2018 with the orientation of leveraging artificial intelligence technology, combined with software development technology to create independent products with high applicability.

With the slogan “Smarten up machines – Brighten up human lives” TPS AI aims to create smart software solutions to support and improve the quality of human life. The team has launched its first series of AI technology products called Joy ID. including Joy ID – eKYC: automatic identification and authentication solutions, Joy ID – Hospital: authentication and patient reception solutions, Joy ID – Office: Identification and management solutions for employees. Recently, Joy ID – Hospital solution has participated and been highly appreciated in a number of domestic and foreign competitions.

In addition, TPS AI also provides consulting services and designing breakthrough solutions for businesses based on the application of artificial intelligence technology, through research projects on machine learning and deep learning technologies, biometric identification, object recognition.

After a few weeks of working on the website, today, we are so delighted to announce the launching of our site of TPSSoft AI, where we can share about AI technologies and solutions we are working on. We are still developing the features of the interactively experienced demo and will present shortly.

With a creative look and slogan: Smarten up machines – Brighten up human lives, we would hope the website will bring inspiration for our visitors on the AI technology

Our official website for AI R&D Lab: