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How To Choose The Right Fintech Software Development Company in Vietnam ?

What is Fintech ? 

Fintech stands for financial industry technology which means a company uses the internet, mobile devices, software technology, or cloud services to perform or connect to financial services.

In addition to the usual services such as payment, lending, money transfer, … Fintech offers broader services such as crowd-funding, peer to peer lending, personal finance insurance technology (Insur-Tech), digital currency (Crypto Blockchain), data management, etc… with the aim of improving the financial apparatus and creating more value for businesses in the financial sector.

Fintech is fastly becoming one of the most promising and ambitious industries in the world. More and more people are tapping into fintech applications to use the benefits and advantages that this sector has to offer.

To meet the sector’s growing demand, fintech startups and industry leaders are choosing to delegate some tasks to a fintech software development company, particularly from Vietnam. 

This type of partnership is an effective solution for financial services providers to maintain everyday operations and fulfill their critical, value-adding workloads. 

How can outsourcing help fintech companies in the industry?

Utilizing emerging technologies is at the core of every FinTech business. Therefore, Fintech outsourcing is a strategy used by companies that hire third-party service providers to effectively maintain their everyday operations. In addition, it reduces the workload of the internal team, this approach is considered cost-effective for startups and small businesses.

These IT outsourcing services include:

  • App development services
  • Software development
  • FinTech software maintenance
  • App support or management
  • Tech support
  • Web development
  • Data management services

What are the most important criteria when choosing a trusted fintech software development company?

The choice of the service provider can make or break your outsourcing strategy. If you work with the wrong partner, everything can go wrong, and your company will suffer all the negative effects of the potential risks. But with the right partner, a FinTech company can maximize the benefits of outsourcing, and boost their growth immensely and quickly, and at an inexpensive cost.

When looking for a fintech software development company, it’s a good idea to consider many aspects of that business to make a choice that truly fits your business needs.

1. Professional staff

The first and most important thing for a company providing software development services is to ensure the quality of its technical staff. Outsourcing is all about expanding the company’s workforce. So, you need a company that provides extensive training to their staff and regularly monitors and improves their performance. They must be certified to be able to provide the fintech company with a quality product, and well versed in all aspects of the software development that your business is aiming for. They also need to master the knowledge of programming languages to write clearly, and precisely and make no silly errors. The standard programming languages used for development in fintech solutions are commonly C++, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and Scala.

The outsourcing software development company must also have an expert team in the industry. They can offer you solutions for the product, or they can advise you on the best way to offload extraneous features to avoid money waste.

In addition, it must be ensured that the company is always up-to-date with the latest Fintech technology trends in AI, ML, Big Data, etc. to be able to deliver products with vast breakthrough features. Last but not least, the leaderboard knows how to properly allocate the development team by expertise to complete your project on time and efficiently.

2. Length of experience

Just like in hiring an employee, the years of experience also matter in hiring a service provider. Companies with lengthy industry experience know how to handle a wide array of challenges. They have developed techniques to improve their quality of work, too. You should take a deep look at their experience, achievements, and portfolio of solutions they can bring to the table. However, just looking at the general understanding is sometimes not enough. The fintech company needs to find a software development company that has relevant experience to the project the company is working on. Or have experience working with customers in the fintech industry if you want them to create the best products for your 

3. Information security

Cybersecurity always remained a hot topic in the technology sector globally. When developing a fintech solution, security is a top concern, as a small mistake can have a big impact on the whole business. Therefore, the fintech company and its partners must be aware of how to solve the problem of information security related to the project.

In addition, the platform used to store the company’s data is also important. Must ensure that your business’s data is really safe with multi-layer security, and full-time protection combined with comprehensive security of data in / out of the system when communicating with the outside. Checking for an ISO certification is an effective way of ensuring that your information is safe with the outsourcing software development company

Check out this article: TPS obtains the ISO/IEC 27001:2013

4. Company’s capacity

This is an important factor in choosing a fintech software development business for your company. It helps you make judgment easier on whether they are really the right fit to provide the technology solution your company is looking for.

For those who have been developing fintech software for a long time, they will bring products with more stable properties. In addition, they also have a lot of experience serving many customers in this market and the ability to handle common problems. This more or less helps you to save your budget.

5. Professional working model

The thing to pay attention to when fintech companies want to find their own fintech software outsourcing company is the partner’s working model. For the project to be successful, the information between the parties involved in the development process must be transparent to each other. From there, people in different roles have enough information to do their jobs well.

In addition, product quality checks must be carried out regularly, in order to detect errors and correct them in time. Bringing high efficiency to the owner and the best product to the user. Agile method and Scrum process is the trend of working at software development companies in Vietnam that can ensure a transparent working model and easily control product quality.


(Example of a standard Agile/Scrum process of TPS Software – one of the best outsourcing software development company in Viet Nam )

6. Risk management plan

When partnering with a software development company, there must be mutual trust, and this is the same in the fintech sector. When choosing a strategic partner, make sure the company has a risk mitigation plan in place to avoid this conflict in the future. If in the event a software development company does not deliver the product as expected in terms of completion time or the quality of the product, they should have a plan to deal with and compensate for that. Also, ensure the fintech company agrees to the terms and conditions of support before signing a formal contract.

7. Soft skills

Last but not least, soft skills also play an important role when choosing a fintech software development company. In today’s ever-changing world, the development team of the outsourcing software company must have soft skills such as time management, flexible work handling, innovative thinking, etc. to create useful and effective products with the best user experience. They should be able to solve real-life problems to build your product’s success.

TPS Software is your trusted Fintech Outsourcing partner 

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