By TPS People

JOY ID – Hospital: An Inventive AI Solution For Patient Onboarding Process

Patients with their sickness should be offered the best convenience and comfort at hospitals.


Noise – Chaos – Exhaustion is what we would picture about state hospitals in Vietnam.

In fact, on average, a patient must spend 3-4 hours waiting to get checked up, payment, and prescription at those hospitals. Spending a whole day at hospitals is regular.

Several solutions have been discussed and applied. Currently, cards and mobile applications are applied as digital patient onboarding processes at hospitals. The technology has brought positive outcomes, including cutting down waiting time by 10 times, shortening an average medical session by 4 times, and decreasing the appointment scheduling process to 1 minute. However, there are still several issues remaining:

  • Patients get frustrated in lines
  • Patient get lost in the check-up process and finding clinical units
  • There is not enough instruction available
  • Only 25% of patients are familiar with the digital process.

Many barriers stay to prevent patients from using the technology, being assumed:

  • Waiting time to register info cards
  • Smartphone required for the process
  • There is not enough instruction for users

Technology must be innovated to be more friendly to patients and solve the existing problems

It is the reason the R&D team of TPS Software has been working diligently to initially accomplish and present Joy ID – Hospital – an AI solution designated for the patient onboarding process to solve listed problems at hospitals with main features:

  • Automatically on-board and check-in patients with face identification
  • Inform schedule and instruction to clinical units in the shortest waiting time
  • KYC for payment verification

Joy ID is a friendly patient onboarding solution that requires nothing from patients but their faces.

To solve the problem in the digital patient onboarding process and give automatic instruction, Joy ID was developed with inventive AI technologies:

  • Facial Biometrics: Being trained with a large data set including 2 million faces, Joy ID allows a registered patient to be identified in under 1 second.
  • ORC: Being trained with a large dataset of over 20 million Vietnamese alphabet sets, Joy ID- Hospital can extract and digitalize information with 98% accuracy.
  • Route Optimization: Apply dynamic programming and queueing optimizing algorithms to arrange the route in the shortest waiting time

The solution is expected to streamline the patient onboarding process at hospitals with:

  • 10 seconds for the patient onboarding process: Digitalize patients’ information in speed and accuracy
  • 10 seconds for medical appointment scheduling:
  • 1 second for assessment into Patients’ profiles: Assist doctors and medical staffs in promptly accessing to patients profile
  • No number ticket – No document – No wait

Joy ID – Hospital has the vision to bring a new positive image for hospitals in Vietnam: Innovative – Friendly – Safe – Swift.