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Delivering a Cutting-Edge Healthcare Management Application

About Client

The client is a rapidly growing healthcare provider offering a comprehensive platform for managing institutions, departments, doctors, clinicians, and patients. Their business model centers on providing advanced healthcare solutions that streamline medical operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall health outcomes. With a mission to leverage technology in the healthcare industry, they sought a strategic partnership with our software outsourcing company to develop a state-of-the-art mobile application.

healthcare application


The client is seeking a trusted software development company to build a healthcare app that revolutionizes healthcare management by providing many features that demand technical expertise and seamless integration. The main challenges included:

Efficiently handling a vast amount of patient and medical data, including medication records, appointment schedules, and health tracking.

Implementing a robust medication, appointment, and alarm reminder system to ensure adherence and timeliness.

Creating a secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure to accommodate increasing users and medical data.

Developing interfaces to connect with various digital health devices, enabling real-time health number tracking.

Designing and implementing a daily knowledge quiz for patients to provide valuable health-related information.

Our Approach

orange star Employed a combination of React-Native for the mobile app’s front end and MySQL for the database backend. This allowed us to create a robust data structure and implement optimized data retrieval algorithms, ensuring efficient manage patient and medical data

orange star Implemented a sophisticated reminder system using AWS Lambda and AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS). This allowed the client to send timely reminders to patients for medications and appointments, enhancing adherence and timely healthcare management.

orange star Leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS), we utilized AWS Cognito for user authentication and authorization, ensuring secure access to the platform. Additionally, we employed AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for auto-scaling backend services, ensuring the platform’s scalability and reliability.

orange star Seamlessly integrated the mobile app through custom RestAPIs with various digital health devices, enabling real-time health data tracking and integration, thus empowering patients and healthcare providers with accurate insights.

orange star Designed an interactive daily knowledge quiz using React-Native, enhancing patient engagement and knowledge acquisition. This feature not only provided valuable health-related information but also contributed to the app’s user retention and overall user experience.

Technologies Used


orange star Sub-Second Data Retrieval: The optimized data management system enabled sub-second retrieval of patient records and medical data, even with a rapidly growing user base and increasing data volume, ensuring quick and efficient access to critical information.

orange star Real-time Device Integration: The custom RestAPIs are seamlessly integrated with a wide range of digital health devices, achieving a remarkable sub-500ms data synchronization time, and providing healthcare providers with up-to-the-minute health insights.

orange star Scalable Infrastructure Handling: The AWS-based infrastructure, coupled with auto-scaling using AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, effortlessly handled user load spikes, supporting over 10,000 concurrent users without any performance degradation.

orange star Enhanced Data Security: Leveraging AWS Cognito for user authentication, the platform achieved an A+ security rating on industry-standard penetration tests, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

orange star 99.99% API Uptime: The system’s microservices architecture, powered by AWS Lambda and AWS SNS, delivered an exceptional API uptime of 99.99%, guaranteeing consistent availability and responsiveness for both users and connected devices.

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