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Health Care System Development

About Client

Our  client is a leading technology provider based in the United States. They specialize in offering advanced solutions and services to enable healthcare teams to effectively deliver practice care plans to their patients, all while minimizing overhead for healthcare practices.


Quick Response for Unplanned Requests: The client required a responsive system that could adapt swiftly to unplanned requests, ensuring seamless communication and efficient workflow management.

High Performance for Supporting a Large Number of Patients and Care Staff: The software needed to handle a substantial volume of patient and care staff data, while maintaining excellent performance and scalability.

Integration with Third Parties for Synchronizing Patient Information: Seamless integration with external systems such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Health Insurance Providers, Laboratory, Pharmacy Systems, etc. It was crucial to synchronize patient data accurately and securely, enabling effective collaboration between care teams and external healthcare providers.

Timeline: The project had a challenging timeline of 12 months, necessitating efficient planning, execution, and coordination to deliver a high-quality solution within the specified timeframe.

Our Approach

To build a modern, feature-rich application that met the client’s requirements while adhering to industry best practices, our dedicated team managed the entire software development lifecycle, including requirement definition, detailed design, coding, testing, and Azure hosting and deployment, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined development process.

Azure Cloud Hosting: Leveraging the scalability and reliability of the Azure platform, we ensured a robust and secure infrastructure to host the care management solution.

.NET Platform and C#: We chose the .NET platform and utilized C# for web application development, enabling rapid development, code reuse, and seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies.

Mobile Development: Recognizing the need for accessibility and patient engagement, we developed a mobile application to complement the web-based solution, allowing patients to conveniently access their profiles and communicate with their care teams.

Project's Results

  • Fast response time for unplanned requests
  • Seamlessly supporting a staggering volume of 10,000 concurrent users
  • Automated processes and streamlined workflows increase their productivity by 35%
  • Delivering the fully functional system within just 10 months
    0% downtime of the system by utilizing Azure Cloud

App Main Features:

  1. Patient Profile: Comprehensive patient profiles were developed, enabling care teams to access vital information easily.
  2. Chat with Care Team: A secure and efficient chat feature facilitated seamless communication between patients and their care teams.
  3. Enroll Patients to CCM Program: Streamlined enrollment processes were implemented, ensuring a hassle-free experience for patients and healthcare practices.
  4. Engagement and Clinical Care Plan for Patients: Personalized care plans were created, promoting patient engagement and adherence to treatment protocols.
  5. Time Tracking and Billing: Accurate tracking of care team activities and automated billing processes helped streamline administrative tasks.
  6. Labs and Risks Knowledge for Learning: An extensive knowledge base was integrated to provide care teams with valuable information regarding laboratory tests and associated risks.

Technologies Used

Client's Testimonial

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