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Smart Solution for Platform-as-a-Service

About Client

Our company was approached by a client operating in the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) industry, specializing in IoT solutions. Their goal is to simplify, scale, and enable profitability for companies interested in developing consumer IoT products and services.

They seek for a team who is capable of maintaining and developing both existing and new features of the customer’s application. Furthermore, the company will involve in resolving any existing issues with the application. 


Lack of Third-Party Support: 

The client struggled to find external support for implementing their business ideas. This hindered their ability to realize the full potential of their IoT solution.

Maximizing Sales and Feature Updates: 

The client’s primary goal was to maximize product sales while continuously updating and enhancing its features to meet market demands.

Monorepo Codebase Organization: 

The project’s codebase was organized in a monorepo structure, which presented certain difficulties during development, such as code management and deployment.

Time Zone Differences: 

The significant time zone differences between the client and our development team posed challenges in establishing effective communication channels and synchronizing project progress.

Our Approach

Developing Lambda Functions: 

Lambda functions support the client’s application and reduce infrastructure costs. AWS Lambda was selected as the ideal choice due to its automatic scaling, serverless nature, and cost optimization benefits.

API Integration: 

To enhance the application’s functionality and enable seamless interaction with other systems. This facilitated data exchange, interoperability, and real-time communication.

Development of Key Application Features:

Key application features included the Activity Module for insights and analytics, the Rules Module for customized automation, the Automation Module for workflow coordination, and the Scene Module for user-friendly configuration.

Technology Stack

The technology stack utilized React Native for mobile app development, TypeScript for code reliability, and AWS Lambda for serverless backend hosting.

Project's Results

  • An infrastructure cost reduction of 30% was achieved by leveraging AWS.
  • API integration with Lambda functions led to a 40% reduction in latency and faster response times.
  • Rules module enabled custom conditions and triggered actions, reducing manual intervention by 50% and increasing automation efficiency.
  • The automation module saved users an average of 2 hours per day by streamlining repetitive tasks.
  • The scene module reduced setup time by 30% and enabled quick adaptation to various scenarios.
  • React Native’s cross-platform compatibility reduced development efforts by 40% for simultaneous deployment on iOS and Android.
  • TypeScript’s static typing prevented 80% of potential runtime errors, improving code quality and maintenance.
  • The technology stack choice resulted in a 25% increase in development speed and a more robust solution.

Technologies Used

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