Good news for Github users

By TPS People

Good news for Github users

What good news for developers who are interested in and using Github.

From April 14th, 2020, Github officially offered a free private repository for all individuals and teams without a limited number of collaborators. Hence, small enterprises using Advanced Collaboration merely for the purpose of increasing the number of team members are able to downgrade to Free Team Plan.

GitHub also reduced its Advanced Collaboration Team plan from $9 to $4 per user for advanced features as team access controls, personalized support and others

However, Github still set a limit at 2000 actions minutes and 500 MB of storage for the Free Plan and 3000 actions minutes and 2GB of storage for $4 Advanced Plan.

This action of Github was stated to encourage more developers to use this platform to create softwares, as the representative of Github said: “ We want everyone to be able to ship great softwares on the platform developers love” . Besides it was also assumed to approach more potential users who may upgrade paid plans in the future.
Source: Github