Top 9 Software Development Trends in 2021

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Top 9 Software Development Trends in 2021

The year 2020 almost passed by with challenges, also multiple opportunities for the software development industry. Disruptive technologies and new software development tools are to enhance the functioning and security of the software. COVID-19 has boosted the demand across businesses and organizations to carry out operations with efficiency and efficacy. Hence cutting-edge technologies are getting deployed in software deployment.

Henceforth, the following trends will shape the software development trends in the year 2021

1. Software development outsourcing

Software outsourcing is shaping the global IT market, revolutionizing how companies perceive their development and bringing unrivaled opportunities to seize. In order to meet the needs of a variety of clients, thus staying competitive, companies must keep a check on the market trends and implement new technological solutions. Hence, they are actively looking for new ways to optimize their processes and costs.

The software outsourcing industry is able to fulfill those demands, providing striving for innovative enterprises with a perfect solution, which supports their future growth and lets them compete with the giants. By implementing this model of cooperation, companies don’t have to develop an IT infrastructure on their own, invest in a variety of incompatible products, or struggle with a shortage of specialists.

Software outsourcing provides them with access to highly personalized products, fully tailored to satisfy their specific business needs. All that is to keep pace with the technology and reduce operating costs to a minimum. The growing influence of the outsourcing market is already visible now.

IT outsourcing is not a mere temporary trend, but an effective business practice. It allows every company to benefit from a reduction in costs and the improvement of everyday work quality. Plus, instant access to the latest technologies can be a decisive argument in achieving a competitive advantage.

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2. Integration of RPA bots during Software Development 

RPA aims to streamline operations in an enterprise and reduce costs. Enterprises can automate repetitive business processes or tasks that are rule-based.

Automation is thriving at the pace of innovation across all sectors globally. With a limited workforce to continue operations, the healthcare sector has automated redundant documenting works, to apply human skills in critical and urgent tasks. Due to its robust system, the incorporation of RPA will bolster software development in the year 2021.

RPA tools can make a robot capture data, give desired responses, and communicate with other digital systems, as the need arises. RPA can manage tasks that are as simple as sending emails, migrating data, and performing invoicing, and bots can even manage something as complex as an automated ERP system.

3. Big data analytics in software development

Big Data is the technology that handles complex data. You probably know that business produces an astronomical amount of big data every day. For example, Device Protection 2021 software can collect large amounts of data on various vendors to create systems to compare offers and find the most suitable solution for a user. This includes business data, customer profile information, sales data, big data servers, and financial numbers.

Most of the data come in the form of substantial unstructured data sets. The role of data scientists is to convert these unstructured big data sets into structured big data sets.

Businesses and organizations across the industry have been utilizing big data to gain insights and understand trends in the coming year. In the coming year, big data analytics will foster the software development space.

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4. Integrating AI into the Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is recognized to be among the major technology-striving innovations across the industry. The advanced technology in AI-integrated software enhances operations across businesses, especially in web portals or online shops, for analyzing customer behavior.

In 2021, the integration of business processes with Artificial Intelligence will be a competitive differentiator. There is no denying the impact of AI in software development services as well as in business. AI is able to expedite an outcome, enable more informed decision-making, and deliver more relevant and meaningful customer experiences.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are already on the AI trend to integrate AI-based predictive analytics in the applications to improve user experience. With that said, in the coming year, the ability to add cutting-edge AI capabilities to projects and business processes will be critical for organizations, particularly if you are looking to make great strides in your industry.

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5. Integration of Blockchain 

Blockchain continues to pick up its pace in the wake of the current business climate and beyond. Gartner trends inform us that blockchain technology to secure data and devices will continue for 2021. According to their findings, three technologies will emerge to improve privacy-enhancing features and protect data. These are new methods that facilitate differential privacy, refine homomorphic encryption, and a reliable environment to process and analyze data.

Over the years, the issue surrounding privacy continues to grow. Therefore, businesses perform strategies that encrypt data when outsourced vendors or partners utilize them. This safety net allows organizations to collaborate across regions without compromising security, data privacy, and confidentiality. Businesses must perform extra precautions before sharing, processing, and accessing any form of data. Incorporating Blockchain in software development will aid in thwarting fraud, and installing advanced security features during business transactions.

6. Integration of the Internet of Things in Software Development 

The use of IoT will shift from building devices integrated with sensors to incorporating IoT in software development. IoT sensors in software development empower engineers to scale their programming skills without any hindrance.

As technology trends go, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one that could have far-reaching impacts on our world, and not just on businesses. IoT is a network of physical objects like gadgets, devices, vehicles, appliances, etc., and these devices use sensors. Devices on these networks use application programming interfaces (APIs) to exchange data over the Internet.

7. Rise of Native App Development

Native apps are software programs designed to run only on specific devices like smartphones. Since they are uniquely designed for certain platforms, native apps generally provide a better user experience and more powerful performance compared to hybrid apps. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in multiple native apps for iOS and Android to enable them to provide their users with a better experience.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones in the market coupled with the ever-increasing dominance of iOS and Android operating systems in the market, it doesn’t seem like an investment in native app development will dwindle anytime soon, not in 2021 or in the foreseeable future as a matter of fact.

8. Software Development to be Cloud-Centric

According to Gartner, in 2020, the cloud services industry generated almost $40 billion in revenue, taking its market value to a total of $266.4 billion from $227.8 billion in 2019, a 17% growth in just one year. Those figures have proven the potential of Could in the Software development industry. In 2021, it is expected that cloud vendors like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon will continue to take in lots of cash thanks to cloud technology.

There are several companies on the cloud and more are expected to move there. Businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a small entrepreneurial startup or a multinational corporation, and businesses across several industries, from health care to intelligence agencies and even government organizations are all turning to cloud providers for data storage.

Cloud technology offers great security, scalability, and flexibility when it comes to data storage, and considering the ever-present threat of hackers which could lead to a security breach, organizations will want to ensure they are taking measurable steps to safeguard their sensitive data and avoid a data breach and other activities that might compromise the privacy of data.

Owing to the remote working norm, cloud technology has surpassed its users compared to last year. It is heavily deployed across various sectors. In the forthcoming future, software development will be more cloud-centric, will all the data during the software development process getting stored in the cloud.

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9. Cross-platform and Hybrid Development

For some industries or application types, cross-platform development becomes a major time-saver and facilitator. With cross-platform development, programmers use tools & frameworks to create codes that are extremely compatible and can work on different platforms.

Hi gaining traction around the world because of its impeccable app development capabilities for multiple devices, operating systems, and hardware systems.

Before hybrid app development, companies and developers have to face different shortcomings. The development of an app through a native process was quite costly; it required huge investment in terms of technology and expert developers.

But, the advent of cross-platform app development has streamlined the process of app development. It has helped in reducing overall development costs, resources, time, and other factors. Now, developers can build multi-platform friendly, high-performing, and effective applications by using universal programming languages like JavaScript, Dart, etc.

Besides, other trends in software development in 2020 will keep blooming in the year 2021, such as shifting towards DevSecOps. In fact, DevOps makes the software development process easier. However in the future, along with handling the operations of software, the development team will also maintain security testing, without any help from the security expert.


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