By TPS People

TPS Software Toastmaster Club Season 2

📣 Hi everyone, it’s with great joy that we announce the final day of the TPS Software Toastmaster Club Season 2!
Over the past few months, through positive feedback from native teachers, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing our members grow and improve their English speaking skills in ways that are truly remarkable.
We are so proud of each and every member who participated in this season of Toastmasters. We want to take a moment to praise and honor presents to our active and outstanding members who have consistently demonstrated their passion for Toastmasters by regularly attending meetings, and doing excellent presentations.
🎊 Your contributions have made this season a success, and we are grateful for your presence.
To TPS’s members, we hope you continue to practice and excel in your English skills.
Congratulations on a successful season, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

All the best presenters with Ms. Julia 

Best presenter of season 2 – Mr.Hung